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In addition to our more than 100 courses, we offer:

Custom Content.

Customization of each course's content to reflect your bank's way of doing business.

Individual Curriculums.

Curriculum planning and assignment capability.

eLearning Management System.

Record keeping for complete, in-depth reporting on test results and system usage to ensure that necessary training gets done.

State-of-the-Art Testing

Pre-tests that mold the course to the learner's need. Post-tests with randomized questions for more accurate testing.

Continuing Education Credits

Many Bankers eLearning courses have been approved for continuing education credit by the Institute of Certified Bankers and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. More about ICB continuing education credit...

ACAMS® Credit

Some Credit Union eLearning courses have been approved for continuing education credit by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists®. More about ACAMS continuing education credit...

Course List


SC1116  The National Flood Insurance Reform Act
SC1119  The SAR: Reporting Suspicious Activities
SC1121  BSA and OFAC: Fighting Crime and Terror
SC1123  Battling Discrimination in Banking
SC1124  Fair Lending, Fair Housing
SC1125  Preventing Identity Theft
SC1143  Complying with OFAC
SC1144  Transaction and Savings Account Regulations
SC1146  GLB and Financial Privacy
SC1159  Information Security Basics
SC2211  Reg. CC and Expedited Funds Availability
SC2215  Regulation DD: Truth in Savings
SC2224  Today's Teller: The Robbery Transaction
SC2226  Preventing Sexual Harassment
SC2227  Federal Insurance and Your Customers
SC2228  Understanding RESPA
SC2229  The Basics of HMDA
SC2242  The CIP Rule and Customer Due Diligence
SC2244  Real Estate Appraisals and Evaluations
SC2252  The Patriot Act
SC3311  Security: The Outside Threat
SC3316  The Americans with Disabilities Act
SC3321  Regulation O: Insider Lending
SC3336  Elder Abuse Prevention and Reporting
SC4409  Today's Teller: ATM and Teller Fraud
SC4446  FCRA and FACT Act Basics
SC5503  Ethics and Trust
SC5508  Reg. Z: Truth in Lending Vol. 1: Open-End Credit
SC5509  Reg. Z for Closed-End Mortgage Lending
SC5510  Regulation E: The Electronic Fund Transfer Act
SC5511  Reg. B: The Equal Credit Opportunity Act
SC5512  CRA Compliance for Small Institutions
SC5523  Reg. Z Credit Card Rules
SC6604  Bank Secrecy and the Patriot Act
SC6608  Bank Secrecy and Money Laundering
SC6612  CRA Compliance for Large Institutions
SC6623  Understanding Check 21
SC7772  Reg. Z for Closed-End Non-Mortgage Lending (Mini)
SC7779  Reverse Mortgages and the HUD-1
SC8803  Fair Debt Collection Basics (Mini)
SC8807  FDIC Insurance Basics for Frontline Staff (Mini)
SC8809  Structuring Accounts for FDIC Insurance (Mini)
SC8812  Identity Theft Red Flag Requirements (Mini)
SC8818  Truth in Savings (Mini)
SC8819  Regulation E (Mini)
SC8832  BSA Basics (Mini)
SC8836  Dealing with Sexual Harassment (Mini)
SC8837  Keep It Confidential (Mini)
SC8838  The Right to Financial Privacy (Mini)
SC8842  Robbery Prevention and Preparation (Mini)
SC8844  After a Robbery: What Do You Do? (Mini)
SC8845  Fraud at the Teller Window (Mini)
SC8846  Financial Instrument Fraud (Mini)
SC8847  Schemes and Scams (Mini)
SC8848  The GLB Privacy Rule (Mini)
SC8853  Patriot Act CIP Rule Basics (Mini)
SC8854  Patriot Act and Due Diligence (Mini)
SC8855  Suspicious Activity (Customer-Contact Employees) (Mini)
SC8860  SCRA for Lenders (Mini)
SC8871  SAFE Act Registration (Mini)
SC8872  BSA for Tellers (Mini)
SC8873  BSA for New Accounts Personnel (Mini)
SC8886  Social Engineering: Prevention Basics (Mini)
SC8890  Social Engineering: Phishing for Identities (Mini)
SC8898  A Guide to Reg. GG (Mini)
SC9913  We've Just Been Robbed

Customer Service

SV1127  Opening New Accounts
SV1128  Providing Safe Deposit Services
SV2218  Providing Service in Changing Times
SV2230  Opportunity on Line One: Telephone Etiquette
SV3309  Serving Seniors
SV3320  Customers: A Vital Asset
SV3324  The Service Edge
SV4403  How to Say No
SV4410  Handling Problem Situations
SV5514  Understanding Direct Deposit
SV6606  Serving the Affluent
SV8815  Reg. E: Overdrafts and the Opt-In (Mini)

Course List (continued)

Commercial and Consumer Lending

LN1145  Basics of Mortgage Lending
LN2245  Marketplace and Management Risks
LN2246  Basics of Financial Statements
LN2247  Understanding Cash Flow
LN2248  Understanding Loan Structuring
LN3313  Depository Loan Services
LN3322  Facing Problem Loans
LN3325  Dealing with Personal Bankruptcy
LN3326  The Basics of Business Bankruptcy
LN3352  The Early Warning Signs of Problem Credits
LN3353  Working with Problem Loans
LN3354  Problem Loan Options
LN3355  Developing a Successful Workout Program
LN3356  Strategies for Real Estate Workouts
LN3357  Judgments and Collections
LN3358  Introduction to Bankruptcy
LN4404  Principles of Consumer Lending: Interview and Application
LN4413  Principles of Consumer Lending: Loan Documentation
LN4422  Making Good Loans
LN4423  Commercial Loan Documentation: The Players
LN4424  Commercial Loan Documentation: The Transactions
LN4425  Commercial Loan Documentation: Real Estate
LN4426  Commercial Loan Documentation: UCC & Corporate Assets
LN6610  The Workout Option


MG2202  Commitment to Excellence
MG2212  Manage to Win: Building a Team
MG2213  Manage to Win: Playing to Your Potential
MG2216  Personnel Evaluation
MG2217  The Right Staff: Hiring Good People
MG3329  Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability
MG3335  Managing Change
MG3344  Strategic Planning for Banks
MG3345  Cultivating a Learning Culture
MG3349  Managing Employee Performance


OP1132  Credit Unions: The Banking Alternative
OP2225  Depository Institutions and the Economy
OP3304  Checking and Electronic Payments
OP3305  The EFT System
OP3308  Understanding the Statement of Condition

Product Knowledge

PR2205  Investment Alternatives for Financial Consumers
PR2207  Depository and Other Financial Institutions
PR2208  Financial Planning Basics
PR2234  Fee-Based Investments
PR3310  Depository Trust Services
PR3330  Serving Customer Credit Needs
PR4417  Selling Trust Services
PR4418  The Certificate of Deposit
PR5506  IRAs
PR5507  The Money Market Deposit Account
PR6605  Commercial Sweep Accounts
PR6607  Home Equity Products

Sales Skills Training

SL1104  Cross Selling Banking Products
SL2204  The Basics of Business Calling
SL2214  The Art of Cross Selling
SL2219  Listening and Observation Skills
SL2220  Determining Needs
SL2221  Presentation Skills
SL2222  Handling Objections
SL2223  Closing the Sale
SL3317  Continued Sales Skills Development
SL3332  World-Class Service: A Customer's View
SL4405  Advanced Business Calling: The Call
SL4408  Clue Selling
SL4412  Basic Sales
SL4420  Introduction to Commercial Selling
SL5504  Building Financial Relationships
SL6603  The Phone: Hotline to Success

Teller Training

TL1103  Today's Teller: A Service Professional
TL1105  Today's Teller: Cashing Checks
TL1106  Today's Teller: Fighting Forgery
TL1107  Today's Teller: Handling Cash
TL1108  Today's Teller: Handling Deposits
TL1109  Today's Teller: The Basics of Compliance
TL1110  Today's Teller: Routine Transactions
TL3307  The Banking Organization
TL3314  The Paying and Receiving Functions
TL4406  Today's Teller: The Balancing Act
TL5513  Customer Confidentiality
TL8813  Five Basic Service Skills (Mini)
TL8814  Basic Teller Responsibilities (Mini)